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Azbee Award Entry Requirements

To enter the Azbee Awards of Excellence, you'll need the following information. If you plan to submit multiple entries, we highly recommend preparing these items in advance for all submissions to save time during the entry process.

  1. Your contact information (auto-filled from member profiles), including publication's business address.
  2. Division and Category for the entry.
  3. Region for the entry.
  4. Category Subgroups — Some categories are subdivided in years with high entry numbers. Please see the category description for this information.
  5. Entry title and publication date(s).
  6. Your publication's homepage URL.
  7. Essay — 500 words or fewer that briefly state your publication's mission, discuss the enterprising work that went into the entry, and describe its significance to readers. (NOTE: This essay is published online in the winners' gallery.)
  8. PDF entry files for print entries*.
  9. For digital entries:
    • Direct URLs to access the entry, and
    • Username and password, if your website requires sign-in to view content for any portion of your submission.
  10. Web-optimized JPG to represent the entry in the gallery and awards presentations.
  11. Names and titles to include on the award.

*Note: The Magazine of the Year category also requires you to mail in three (3) sets of physical issues.